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Beardburys Beard Oil 30 ml

Product description


Serum for beard and mustache with a delicate composition based on essential oils and plant that provides deep hydration of hair for softness.


  1. Use the right amount of oil depending on the length of the beard.
  2. Apply to the palms of the hands and warm with a light massage.
  3. For short beards, use a small amount and massage the area well, spreading the oil with the fingertips.
  4. For long beards, use a slightly larger amount and apply with a light massage with the palms of the hands using downward strokes towards the chin. Use your fingers to concentrate on the driest areas.
  5. Finally, use a beard comb to spread the product over the entire beard hair.
  6. It is advisable to use the Serum on a damp beard, after gently removing the moisture, for a better effect and penetration into the cuticle.

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