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Beardburys Color Shampoo - Light Brown

Product description


Semi-permanent coloration with adjustable coverage in applicable shampoo format in hair, beard and mustache. Fixed in just 5 minutes with a natural finish (intense finish with 10 minutes of exposure). No root effect as it is disappearing progressively with the washes. Formula free of ammonia and parabens. Easy application, Soft perfume.



  1. Pour the Color into the Activator bottle. Close and shake vigorously.


  1. Apply to the hair from the roots using gloves.
  2. Distribute evenly using a comb. Exposure time: 5 minutes for subtle coverage or 10 minutes for intense coverage.
  3. After exposure time has elapsed, wet hair with water and emulsify. The mixture works like a shampoo.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with plenty of water.

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