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Beardburys Matte Pomade 100 ml

Product description


Genuine barber shop hair wax, no shine for a more natural matte finish. Medium hold for control without losing flexibility. Easily removed with water. Leaves no residue.


  1. Take a small amount of wax with your fingers. It is important to take a small amount as it is formulated with a concentration of Kaolin, which is the clay that gives the matte effect and an excess could give an unwanted look.
  2. Rub it between the palms of your hands to warm it up and apply it evenly on the hairstyle starting from the crown area and leaving the bangs for the end.
  3. Apply to dry hair.
  4. If you need more wax to achieve the desired style, repeat the process. It is always better to apply twice, in small amounts, than a large dose all at once.

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