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Beardburys Muscle Shaver Pro

Product description


Discover the ultimate razor for a perfect shave: the Muscle Shaver Pro. Equipped with a powerful 8000 rpm motor and three precision cutting heads, this razor guarantees impeccable results with every stroke. Its two hypoallergenic steel heads and a unique trapezoidal reciprocating head provide a smooth and irritation-free shaving experience.

Made with a maximum strength metallic body, the Muscle Shaver Pro is durable and designed to withstand intensive use in professional barbershops. Additionally, its 1400mAh lithium-ion battery offers an impressive battery life of up to 180 minutes of continuous use. Convenience is key: it features a USB-C charging port for quick and efficient charging.

The Muscle Shaver Pro is not only powerful and durable but also intelligent. Its LED screen displays a digital battery charge indicator, keeping you informed about the available power level. Furthermore, it comes with a protective case, a cleaning brush, and a stand, all designed for your convenience and product care.

Get ready to experience a professional shave like never before with the Muscle Shaver Pro.

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