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Bullfrog Nourishing Restorative Shampoo 250 ml

Product description


An ideal shampoo to moisturise your beard and hair. The moisturising and revitalising properties of the botanical active ingredients contained in the formulation make it a specific product for use on hair/beards suffering from dryness. It restores nourishment to the dry hair and beard, making them softer, shinier and easier to comb.

Pistachio oil is the botanical active ingredient selected to protect dry hair and beard and nourish them in depth. The oil of pistachio leaves the hair nourished, bright and silky. Great for the hydration of dry scalp, it is ideal for any type of hair and beard subject to aggressions that could dry them, such as chlorine pools.


Apply a small amount of product onto the damp hair and beard. Massage with circular movements and rinse off. Use once or twice a week.


The fragrance recalls the enveloping notes of pistachio and almond, and is perfect for lovers of refined and aromatic flavors. The shampoo texture is creamy and soft.

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