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Dovo Shaving Brush Black

Product description


The DOVO shaving brush is an absolute eye-catcher! The handle is made of black acrylic and then polished to a high gloss. This shaving brush, like all of our brushes, is made by hand with fine badger hair that will remind you of your last visit to a barber.


Fine badger hair is a bit stronger than the classic silvertip, but you will also find the characteristic black ribbon in the middle of the beige hair. These brushes are a great compromise if you prefer soft hair but still want to achieve a more robust massaging effect when applying shaving lather.

Handle Material

PMMA, also known as acrylic glass, is a thermoplastic. Using an extensive polishing process gives the material its unmistakable shine and underlines the high-quality appearance of the DOVO shaving brushes. It’s a low maintenance material, just wipe off soap residue and dirt with a damp cloth.


To lather your shaving soap or cream properly, hold your shaving brush briefly under warm water. Under light pressure, whip the soap to a luxurious lather. Massage this gently onto your moistened skin without bending the bristles. Then let it work for a short time, and you’re ready for a smooth and thorough shave.


For a long service life, rinse your brush with warm water after each use. Then it is best to hang it up to dry in a well-ventilated place, so that the hair fibres recover and stay supple. To avoid hair breakage, you should wash your shaving brush with hair shampoo after a few shaves to remove lather residue.

Product specifications

Article Number
3.7 cm x 3.7 cm x 10.8 cm

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