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Lumin Deep Scrub Face Bar 140g

Product description


Experience lasting luxury with a bar crafted with premium Tuxedo Tech ingredients, blending eco-consciousness with superior cleansing quality. Slough off dullness and bid adieu to dead skin with the natural exfoliating power of walnut shell powder, unveiling a brighter, smoother complexion. A single bar will last between 4-6 weeks with normal usage.

  • Delivers a deep clean, unclogging pores and promoting smoother skin.
  • Tuxedo Tech gently removes toxins and excess oil, without stripping essential hydration.
  • Enhanced by walnut shell powder, the smooth operator behind gentle exfoliation.
  • Your skincare routine now travels with you, thanks to our compact design. Say goodbye to plastic, hello to clean!


Lather the bar and massage onto your face, then rinse thoroughly. Recommended Frequency of Usage: Use daily or as needed for clear,exfoliated skin.

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