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Truefitt & Hill Gentleman's Beard Balm 50 ml

Truefitt & Hill Gentleman's Beard Balm 50 ml
Product description


Our new Beard Balm is formulated to provide an alternative to our Beard Oil. This water-based product is designed to provide a matt finish, allowing for a more contemporary look. Our new formula provides a clear alternative to Truefitt & Hill’s Beard Oil making it an ideal styling product. The Beard Balm formulation also has the added advantage of including citrus, which cuts through the natural beard oils, helping to keep the beard smelling and feeling fresh.  

For best results, a small amount of Beard Balm should be rubbed vigorously between the palms of your hands before application, which will not only help to warm up the formulation, but also will ensure an even application and a clear hold.

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