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BluMaan Cloud Control Hair Oil 60 ml

Product description


* Only available for customers from the Netherlands, France, Greece, Portugal and Italy.

A hydrating hair oil for taming frizz instantly and improving hair texture over time. Just a few drops are perfect for coarse, unruly hair thanks to its blend of 12 natural oils and botanical extracts.


For instantly softer, more manageable hair, start with towel-dried hair and add 3-4 drops of Cloud Control Oil to your palms. Spread the oil evenly between your hands to distribute evenly. Leave your hair to air dry or continue with your hair styling routine. For deep conditioning, try using Cloud Control Oil before showering. Just add 3-4 drops (or more if you have longer hair) to your palms before evenly distributing through your dry hair. Wait 30 min to 1 hour, then wash the product out with shampoo and conditioner. Pro tip: Continued use will make hair softer and easier to style.

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